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Dean Zipes


Second year law student with a strong background in law enforcement

Dedicated to working in public service

Volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Dean Zipes is currently a second year law student with a strong background in law enforcement. He was born in New York and quickly decided to volunteer as an Officer with the NYPD. Dean has always had a strong interest in law and law enforcement. Dean is always finding new ways to help others both in and outside of work. He is a passionate and hardworking individual who plans to make a positive impact on the world. Public service is Dean’s goal.

Dean Zipes remembers growing up and being inspired by the policemen he saw each week in his community. As a small boy seeing the largest police department in the world had a major impact on Dean and helped inspire him to pursue not one, but two careers in public service. As he became older he chose to become a police officer because he wanted to be in the action where he could help people directly and on a daily basis instead of working a desk job. Dean Zipes began his career as an auxiliary officer with the NYPD. After several years he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and became an officer in Florida. It was here that he began as a Deputy Sheriff and was later promoted to Detective. As a Detective, Dean served under the Special Victim’s Unit, investigating sexual crimes, especially those against children.

Dean Zipes worked in these capacities for two years, after which he decided to pursue his passion in a different manner and enrolled in law school. After being a police officer for many years he gained a deeper passion for the law. Dean wanted to become more well-rounded and better equipped to help others with his new career path. He spent his first year of law school in San Francisco, winning several academic awards, including Dean’s List and being in the top 15% of his class. Dean has since transferred and is finishing his degree at the University of Florida, Levin School of Law.

Law school can be intense and time consuming in a way many people will never experience. Dean Zipes is making the most of his learning experience and of his free time. He is a volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and serves to assist and support individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, namely law enforcement officers and military personnel. Dean has also reached out to local gun safety organizations in hopes of actively participating in several programs. Dean is also volunteering for a program that teaches gun safety to children in order to prevent injuries and accidental death.

Dean Zipes is using his experience as a police officer to become an incredible lawyer. His volunteer work shows that he has what it takes to help his entire community become a safer place for everyone. Dean is an example for all of us that pursuing your goals with determination and grit can lead to many beneficial results. When Dean Zipes is not studying for his law degree or volunteering he is playing baseball or watching his favorite team, the Yankees, play baseball.

Dean Zipes’ Experience

Law Enforcement

Dean Zipes graduated from the Hillsborough Community College Police Academy as his class valedictorian with an A+ averge. He worked for a number of years as a law enforcement officer before advancing to the role of detective. Here, he served in the Special Victim’s Unit, a branch of law enforcement that specializes in crimes against children or the elderly and sexual offenses. Prior to his education, Dean served as a volunteer Auxiliary Police Officer with the largest police force in the nation, the NYPD. Previously, Dean has received the Quality of Life Award and is also a member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.