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Completing a law degree is a tough accomplishment. It is going to take a lot of time, effort and long nights of studying. When you do obtain your degree though, know that you have more options than just being a lawyer. The skills that you gain when you go through school to earn your degree is beneficial in more than just in the courtroom.


If you are a people person, and you enjoy leading others over creating legal documents, you may be better suited as a politician. Politicians need to have a sense of how the law is structured, and be able to understand how to change it. As a politician, you will need to have the skillset to listen, make a decision based off of what you heard and research how the decision that you created will affect the larger group of individuals. The foundation that you get from receiving your lawyer would benefit you greatly.

HR Director

In this position, you would be managing a team of human resource members for an organization. As a Human Resources Director, you will need to know the intricate policies and strategic goals that the company is trying to accomplish. This position mixes law and strategic business. You would be in charge of directing new employees and their training. You will need to be able to sit down and be comfortable explaining benefits plans, policies, and guidelines to those who may not understand them.


Owning a business is no easy feat, you need to understand your market and be able to sell what your business is. Having a law degree will significantly assist you in knowing what paperwork to fill out to open the store, and what needs to be filled out to keep it open. You won’t need to ask someone else to help you understand the forms and not only that but moving forward you could become a leader to your friends and family if they need help.

Real Estate Agent

Being able to help people purchase the home of their dreams can be an enjoyable experience. Being able to understand city ordinances, and how to write up legal contracts for the house are all skills that you would be able to obtain through your legal studies. As a real estate agent you have to be able to see the value of the house, and who would be interested in purchasing it. It would include interviewing the client, showing the site to them, and then needing to seal the deal with a buy.

Law School Career Counselor or Professor

Who would better be a career counselor or professor than someone who has gone through to obtain the degree themselves? You would be able to guide new students in finding placement, or teaching them how to become successful in their chosen path. Since you were a student yourself, you understand what the students are going through and know what they need to succeed.

Being a lawyer means more than just practicing law in the courtroom. It is a skill set that you obtain as you progress to earn your degree. Being able to problem-solve, communicate effectively, create long-lasting relationships, and gaining an understanding of the law that not many will have. Having all these skills will help in these professions and in many more.