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It has never been more important to vote than in today’s society rife with differences. With so many strong opinions currently in politics, when you don’t vote you let others make choices on issues that you might not agree with. You are eligible to start voting at 18, and it is a right that you should exercise as soon as you can. This is why you need to vote early on to start making a difference.

It’s Your Right To Vote

While you may not believe it, there are still counties in the world where many are denied the ability to vote. For example in Guatemala, if you are a member of the military or police, you are denied the ability to vote. As a citizen, you have the right to make informed votes for those you want in office every election. Don’t let the opportunity that you are given to have your voice be heard go silent.

Your Vote Matters

Your choice can sway an election. During a 2009 election, a candidate in a Minnesota senate race won by 312 votes. Without those additional 313 voices, the candidate would have lost. Can you imagine being one of the few that voted for him? How happy they must have felt for going out and voting. Every vote counts whether you believe it or not.

Be The Change You Want To See

The politician voted to office will shape the community according to their stances. They create policies that alter the environment and how you live. Their choices change the future. When you vote someone in office, you end up changing the environment according to the views of the politician. Vote to put someone that you believe will create the future you want to inherit. If you want to see education reform, then vote for someone that you think will achieve the goals you want. Don’t let others make the choice of who leads you without at least trying to vote.

Keeps You Engaged In The Countries Affairs

Voting is a great opportunity to stay active in current issues. Thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to be up-to-date with every candidate’s stance on pertinent topics. Before the election, follow your chosen candidate or politicians on Twitter or other social platforms to ensure they match your views. Watch debates between politicians, read books or even reach out to your elected officials if their stance on an issue does not match yours. Just by that simple act, you are using your voice to tell officials that not everyone agrees with them.

It’s A Skill You Need

While the ability is not a hard one to master, the earlier you start to vote the more you will remember to do it as you age. As you continue to vote, you will continuously train yourself on how to research potential candidates better. Educate yourself every day on political affairs so that you can become an expert during voting season. If you want to take the extra step to get involved consider joining political campaigns for your candidate. Candidates are happy when they see their community involved and willing to help.

When you head to the polls during the next election, choose who you want to lead based on what you value. Don’t let others dictate the future that you get. Instead, start voting early so that when you inherit the world, the future will look as you planned.